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Professor Jinyan Huang, Director of the ERCEA, leading his cross-university research team presentations at “the Sixth Conference on English as a Foreign Language Teaching and Assessment”
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The “6th Conference on English as a Foreign Language Teaching and Assessment” was held in Beijing on April 7-8, 2023. The purpose of this conference was to update the concept of educational assessment, promote the reform of assessment mode, build a new education ecology integrating “teaching, learning, and assessment”, and enhance the development of high quality education. Experts and scholars from universities across the country gathered together to conduct in-depth discussions on English teaching and assessment, share the latest research findings, theoretical discussions and practical experience, and jointly promote the innovation and development of English teaching and assessment.

During the team presentation session from 16:30 to 17:30 on April 7, the cross-university research team led by Professor Huang, director of the ERCEA at Jiangsu University, delivered three featured speeches around the theme of “College Students’ Feedback Literacy in Learning English and Peer Assessment in College English Classrooms – Letting the Data Speak for Themselves.” More than 1500 experts and scholars from major universities across China listened to the speeches. Based on the structural equation modeling, Professor Huang conducted an in-depth analysis of the feedback literacy of Chinese college students in the process of English learning. From the perspective of assessment, Dr. Junfei Li conducted a detailed study on the reliability, effectiveness and benefits of peer assessment in the college EFL oral English classrooms, and discussed important implications for EFL education. From the perspective of feedback providers, Professor Wenyan Wu evaluated peer feedback as a reliable and effective auxiliary means to supplement teacher feedback in the EFL writing classrooms.

The wonderful presentations by Professor Huang’s team not only demonstrated the research strength of Jiangsu University and the ERCEA in the field of English teaching and assessment, but also enhanced the popularity and reputation of Jiangsu University at home and abroad. The research findings of his team have also helped Jiangsu University play a more important role in the national English teaching reform and promote the development of national English education to make greater contributions.

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