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“Application of Smart PLS Software in Educational Research” Seminar Held by Evidence-based Research Center for Education Assessment (I)
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 On February 24, 2023, the Evidence-Based Research Center for Education Assessment (ERCEA) held the first academic seminar in 2023 in the old Science and Technology Building, with the theme “Application of Smart PLS Software in Education Research.” Professor Huang Jinyan moderated the seminar, and Dr. Shahbaz Hussain delivered the lecture on the seminar's theme. The seminar was attended by Associate Professor Kang Cui, Professor Huang Chengcheng, Professor Zhang Li, and academic postgraduate students of the Research Center.

Dr. Hussain first explained the relationship between independent and dependent variables in Structural equation modeling (SEM) and introduced the advantages and importance of Smart PLS software in constructing and analyzing structural equation models. Dr. Hussain then guided the teachers and students to install the Smart PLS software and introduced specific cases to teach the operation of the software. The teachers and students have a more detailed understanding of the software's main functions by constructing models through practical operation.

During this period, Professor Huang Jinyan made further explanations and explanations for Dr. Hussain’s explanation, emphasized the interest in research and action, and encouraged the present teachers and graduate students to find research interests and invest in scientific research creation actively.

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