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Evidence-based Research Center for Education Assessment Carried Out “2023 Subject Direction Project Application and Subject Construction Work Plan” Research Gathering
Time:2023-02-27 Click:

On February 26, the Evidence-based Research Center for Education Assessment (ERCEA) held an online project application and discipline construction work plan seminar. The seminar was chaired by Professor Huang Jinyan and was attended by faculty members Kang Cui, Shi Meng, Yin Zilong, Zhang Li, postdoc Dr. Shahbaz Hussain, and some academic graduate students.

The session was bifurcated into two distinct sections. The participants presented their proposed research background and plan during the project application seminar. They discussed with Professor Huang to assess the research's feasibility and explore potential avenues for further investigation. This interaction enhanced their comprehension of the proposed project's research objectives. During the workshop on the construction plan for the work center, Professor Huang meticulously devised a comprehensive framework for the center's activities in the year 2023, considering the input and recommendations provided by all participants.

Enhancing collaborations and partnerships across research institutions within and beyond the university setting is advantageous in harnessing the potential of academics and university resources to foster academic innovation. Professor Hwang emphasized the importance of actively engaging in scholarly collaboration with external researchers to enhance the advancement of their studies based on their unique qualities.

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