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Dr. Zhou Nan from the University of Macau delivers an academic lecture on Meta-Analysis
Time:2023-11-24 Click:

On the afternoon of November 23, the Evidence-based Research Center for Education Assessment held a lecture on the “Application of Meta-Analysis Methods in Education and Psychological Research” in the 1804 Sanjiang Building. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Zhou Nan, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Education, University of Macau, and presided over by Professor Huang Jinyan. Some faculty members and graduate students of the faculty attended the lecture.

The notion of meta-analysis was introduced by Dr. Zhou Nan, who elucidated the significance of employing meta-analysis in the composition of scientific research publications. Additionally, Dr. Zhou Nan provided a detailed exposition of the seven processes involved in conducting a meta-analysis. Following the lecture, Dr. Zhou Nan engaged in a comprehensive discourse with educators and students regarding the precise use of meta-analysis research methodologies.


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