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Associate Professor Shahbaz Hussain Delivers an Academic Discourse to Faculty and Students
Time:2023-12-01 Click:

       The lecture titled “The Impact of Anxiety and Stress on Students’ Performance” was conducted by the Evidence-based Research Centre for Educational Assessment on 30th November 2023. The venue for the talk was the 1804 Sanjiang Building. Dr. Shahbaz Hussain, an Associate Professor at the School of Teacher Education at Jiangsu University, presented the lecture. Professor Huang Jinyan chaired the talk. Several educators and postgraduate students from Jiangsu University actively engaged in an academic discourse.


Associate Professor Shahbaz Hussain provided a comprehensive analysis of the origins, manifestations, and coping mechanisms associated with anxiety and stress experienced by PhD students. The researcher’s primary objective was to examine the impact of anxiety and stress on students’ task and contextual performance within the framework of self-regulated learning. Following the talk’s conclusion, a scholarly exchange involved the educators, students, and Dr. Shahbaz Hussain.

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