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A seminar held by The Evidenced-based Research Center for Educational Assessment
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On the morning of December 1, The Evidenced-based Research Center for Educational Assessment of Jiangsu University held a seminar at 418 Old Science and Technology Building. The conference was chaired by Professor Huang Jinyan and attended by faculty members Shahbaz Hussain, Shen Guanghui, postdoctoral fellow Jai Kumar, and graduate student Liu Ying.

First, the meeting discussed the curriculum for international students in the direction of educational assessment and research methods. The conference studied the 2020 Core Curriculum Guide for Academic Degree Graduates issued by the Academic Degree Committee of The State Council and the Training Plan for Academic Master Graduates by the School of Teacher Education of Jiangsu University. Furthermore, the members also discussed the course objectives, course categories, course contents, credit settings, etc. The primary objective of the curriculum system is to offer students more complete courses in educational assessment and research methodologies. Additionally, it seeks to enhance the internationalization of teacher education colleges by providing education to overseas students.

Subsequently, the academic members and students proceeded to showcase their latest advancements in study. Professor Huang provided remarks and suggestions, respectively.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on organizing the upcoming Second International Conference and Student Research Symposium. The primary objective of these events is to establish a forum for educators and students within the school to deliver presentations, acquire knowledge, and exchange research findings.

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